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"Africa/Don't Even Know It" Toto/Everybody's Talking About Jamie

"Accident Prone" Laurence O'Keefe & Kirsten Guenther

"Kindergarten Boyfriend" Heathers: Laurence O'Keefe & Kevin Murphy

"My Body" The Life: Cy Coleman & Ira Gasman

"Feed Me Get It" Little Shop of Horrors

"Backstreet Boys Medley"  Katie Ladner, Ryan McCartan and Jeff Heimbrock

"As If We Never Said Goodbye" Sunset Boulevard

"Dream Medley" Eric Clapton/Man of La Mancha/Aerosmith

"Grace Kelly" Mika

"Again" from the musical "Songbird" by Lauren Pritchard.  Guitar/vocals Eric William Morris

"Captain of the Team" by Rebekah M. Allen  54 Below Concert January 2015

"Lost in The Brass"

Broadway Sessions- May 2014

"Little Shop of Horrors/Defying Gravity"  #tbtLIVE 54 Below August 2015

"What's Wrong?" by Kevin Fagarty  In Pursuit - The Triadt March 2015

"Jingle Bells"

Broadway Sessions- December 2014

"Start A Flame" by Kailee Marshall

54 Below Showcase September 2014

"OK Cupid" by Drew Overcash

TwentySomethings2 - August 2014

"Even Though"

Katie singing "Even Though" from I Love You Because" in Vocal Seminar at Belmont University.

Click here to listen to "Perfect" from Edges

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